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The hope was that ads would cover the running costs of D&CFilm.

Take a break  buy us a coffee

Unfortunately that’s not the case, so any donation would be great and much appreciated.


Conversely, our aim is to promote, inspire and engage people in film, so if you’d prefer to support films (we run plenty of stories of filmmakers searching for funds), please do – they’d love it and not only are you feeding the cultural sector, nurturing talent, and funding often underground and marginal voices, you’re also giving us more raw material to cover.

There are also plenty of film charities around, if those sort of things take your fancy.

Or volunteer at venues or on shoots.

You could even write something for us, suggest something we should cover, or at least share our stories as far and wide as you are able (or inclined).

(If you’re having trouble with the donation form, just point your Paypal to


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