Whiplash: believe the hype! (review)


Whiplash (Chazelle, 2014) is about a 19-year-old, aspiring drummer, named Andrew Neyman. Andrew is reaching for the stars at the fictional Shaffer Conservatory – one of America’s most prestigious music schools. It’s here that Andrew meets his overzealous music teacher Terrence Fletcher (JK Simmons). The film centres upon their unusual relationship in what is essentially a … [Read more...]

Adventurous feel-good fun for Christmases for years to come: Get Santa (review)

Get Santa

One last Christmas review from me before the big day, and it has to be the British made festive comedy Get Santa currently in cinemas as we speak, so may be a great time killer over the holiday season for all the parents out there. Santa Clause has crash landed while test driving his new sleigh just two nights before Christmas, and finds himself and his reindeer scattered … [Read more...]

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust: genre-twisting comedy horror with flare (review)

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

It must be a difficult task to create an original and fresh take on the zombie film. We have seen various different attempts on the genre that have worked, Simon Pegg’s Shaun Of The Dead (2004), or even the low budget Colin (2008) spring to mind, but more often than not they all tread the same stale water, great for Zombie fans, but film buffs can easily find them tiresome. But … [Read more...]