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Dartington Barn Loyalty

Dartington Barn Cinema launches loyalty scheme

Dartington Barn Loyalty

‘Over the past two years’, says a Dartington Barn Cinema leaflet which has been flopping through the letter-boxes around South Devon recently, ‘we’ve systematically been improving the facilities we offer – from state-of-the art 3D projection through to new seating being installed at the end of March.’ And now those cine-holics are offering a Barn Cinema Loyalty Card.

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Dystopian drama and troubled romance: Divergent review


On the red carpet at Leicester Square’s Odeon, a few bookish fans are partly camouflaged in bright dresses that signify their affinity to Amity, one of the five factions of Divergent. Others are in black and white (Candor), blue (Erudite), and many have daring temporary tattoos that can only mean one thing – Dauntless.

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Taking Time Out

A new approach to film funding – single to raise money for film projects


Taking Time Out is the latest single from filmmaker/songwriter John Tomkins. It’s a return to John’s creative roots, and also a different slant on film funding campaigns. All the proceeds from the single is going back into film production and the Indielense film tour.

John’s aim for the  Indielense film tour is to take his independent films to audiences across the country and create film networking opportunities for those involved with filmmaking.

John started this creative journey in 2008, but his creative pace hotted up in 2012 with the making of semi feature They’re Coming, which brought together talents from across South West Devon and received generous support from across local media.

The premiere was a 250-seat sell out and film even showed up the Guardian newspaper listing for that week.

The buzz from that year continued into 2013 with the critically acclaimed A Dark Tale. For this the team were joined by Sarah Hartley, who created some awesome makeup for the afterlife deadites and the narrator of the story.

At the premiere of A Dark Tale John met music producer Lee Fletcher, who picked up best producer SW Awards 2012. That meeting led to the music narrative film Indietro – which reunited many of actors from A Dark Tale and welcomed Rhys Denton and Katie Crawford to the team.

With Taking Time Out John hopes to continue this creative journey further and to network with creative talents from across the country while taking his films to a wider audience. The video also includes some of the creative talents of the last two years, and was filmed at Exeter Phoenix’s Black Box studio.

The song is about feeling boxed in at a party and wanting to leave , but you can’t help but join in. Pop over to the Taking Time Out site to buy the single.