How to create a film festival: John Tomkins talks to Plymouth Film Festival’s William Jenkins

William Jenkins

What does it take to get a film festival off the ground? How do you make it an success? Well, Plymouth University graduates William Jenkins and Ben Hancock have done just that. William and Ben founded the Plymouth Film Festival in 2013. Its inaugural event taken place in 2014 which was a great success. It is quick becoming a major showcase for local international filmmakers. I … [Read more...]

Sequels: giving actors roles with their favourite characters and putting black marks on their filmographies

al pacino

Many actors feel drawn to sequels of films that they enjoyed themselves or were successful the first time around. Sometimes, they're even draw to certain characters that they feel a connection to. It's not just struggling or low-level actors that want a piece of the pie, because even top-paid actors get giddy at the idea of being a part of a franchise that they love. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Oxmouth: town of the future

WELCOME TO OXMOUTH from Meat Bingo on Vimeo. Award-winning dark sci-fi reflection/prediction of the corporatisation of our everyday born out of a music video, Welcome to Oxmouth makes an impact and helps explain that unsettling daily feeling of being cheated. … [Read more...]