Is resistance futile? Documentary series at Plymouth University highlights challenges around the globe

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Five Broken Cameras

People throughout the world deal with great challenges, and despite the 24-hour news merry-go round the deeper stories are quite often missed.

The Resistance series at the Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth University, is an attempt to address that.

The Resistance series features four documentaries which have been selected with the help of staff of Plymouth University’s Politics and International Relations course.

The first, 5 Broken Cameras, is a documentary 5 Broken Cameras tells the story of five broken cameras which belong to Emad Burnat; a Palestinian farmer in the village of Bil’in.

The blurb says the film is “An extraordinary work of both cinematic and political activism, 5 Broken Cameras daringly meshes personal essay with political cinema, displaying how images and cameras can change lives and realities.”

The documentary tells the story of how the first camera was intended to document the life of his family following the birth of his son, Burnat is soon turning it on the Israeli settlers and Israeli army building on their land.


5 Broken Cameras, is screened on Monday, January 28 at 7pm. Tickets are £6, concessions £4, and free for Friends of Peninsula Arts.

Other films in the series cover crippling austerity measures in many western nations to revolution throughout the Arab world, as well as ongoing concerns of civil liberties in Russia, and they are:
The Reluctant Revolutionary on Monday, February 11;
Putin’s Kiss on Monday, February 25; and
Krisis on Monday, March 11.

Check out the Plymouth University Resistance series site for more details.