Urgent: casting call for youngsters in Devon and Cornwall

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Wortham manor

Talented filmmaker Nick Cooke, of the National Film and Television School, is making is in need of one female and one male, aged 8-10 for his next movie shooting in Devon on January 26 and 27. Time’s a ticking, so over to Nick

“We’re students from the National Film and Television School shooting a short film in association with The Landmark Trust. We’ll be shooting in a beautiful Tudor manor in Lifton on January 26 and 27, 2013.

“This is your chance to visit a wonderful building but also have fun by dressing up in Tudor, Georgian and Victorian costumes to play hide and seek through the ages with a bit of acting on the side.

“The location is this Wortham Manor. We will consider people from all over Devon and Cornwall but would prefer people who are within a reasonable distance of the location.

“No experience necessary, we just need a boy and a girl who are fun-loving without going personalities. Both children will have to come with a chaperone, who won’t mind taking part in the film occasionally in the background (modern periods only).

“Please contact me with age, height and photo. This an expenses paid job but will add to any child’s showreel and should be a wonderful opportunity.”

Email Nick at cinematography@nickcooke.info

The script starts with a little boy leaning against a wall, counting.

As he counts a little girl runs around the house looking for a place to hide. They both wear Tudor costumes.

Upon completion, the boy runs out looking for the girl and finds her hiding beneath a table. The game swaps.

 The girl takes up her position against the wall and begins to count again, as she finishes and turns to look for her friend her costume has changed from Tudor to Elizabethan.

This process of interchange between the girl and boy continues as each time one or another is discovered the era changes. It is approached in an extremely playful manner which explores the house through the eyes of Stuarts, Georgians and Victorians. The counting becomes a joyous repetition and we’ll gain the sense that we are moving through time.

Sounds like a great opportunity to have some acting fun. Drop Nick a line now if you’re interested.