Cast call for multiple rolls in mystery/horror/comedy to be shot in Devon

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Cast call for the Nightman of Nevermoor
The Nightman of Nevermoor, to be shot in Devon

A new film from the makers of The Water’s Edge has put out the call from cast.

The movie, called The Nightman of Nevermoor  will be a mystery/horror/comedy set in Devon, and is inspired by Close Encounters, Signs, Jaws, Tremors, Troll Hunter and many more.

Filming is planned for one week at the end of March 2013 in Devon. The film is inspired by Close Encounters, Signs, Jaws, Tremors, Troll Hunter and many more.

The film will tell the story of the quaint (fictional) village of Nevermoor as it is thrown into turmoil following the mysterious disappearance of two students. The local media’s response to the incident triggers the arrival of a self-proclaimed hunter and causes the locals to worry that no one will show up for their village hall fundraiser. A week later, Nick, an 11-year-old boy, returns from Canada to visit his dad for the first time since his parents split up. As they struggle to re-connect they’re thrown into the unravelling mystery taking place. Live stock disappears, a blurry photo goes viral, Nick sees a girl he liked from school and after ignoring his dads scepticism, Nick starts to believe something otherworldly is wandering around the village at night. It’s up to Nick, his father and the mysterious hunter to solve the mystery of The Nightman of Nevermoor.

The filmmakers are looking to cast multiple roles. Key roles are:

Nick (11-13) – Nick is frustrated by his dad and finds it hard to forgive him. He is also fascinated by the mystery that is unravelling in the village.

Andrew, Nick’s dad (35-40) – Andrew is an honest man who just wants to do right for his son. He eagerly wants to regain the respect of his son during the time he has with him. With everything that happens in the story and Nick’s reluctance to re-connect he is quick to become frustrated and protective.

The Hunter (40-50) – The hunter is a mysterious character, an outsider to the village. He spends his time ‘looking for the things other people don’t want to find’. He’s a rugged, well lived man who lives on the road in his vehicle.

PJ & Freddy (18-21) – Both film students who stick out like sore thumbs outside the city.

May (11-13) – May is fond of Nick and was sad to see him leave when he did. She’s now eager to catch up and spend time with Nick.

The landlord (40-50) – The village landlord heads village events and meetings and is known by everyone.

Mary (40-50) – Mary is a little odd, the other villagers have always found it hard to talk to her and actively try to avoid her through the fear of being caught up in a never-ending conversation.

If anyone is interested in auditioning for one of the roles or being an extra (multiple ‘locals’ needed) in the film please contact Chris Thomas via

Auditions are preliminary set to be held in Devon and London at the end of January 2013.

There will be specific information to follow regarding any crew needs. However, for now if anyone is based in Devon and would be interested in being a runner the filmmakers are happy to receive enquiries now via the same email.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on the film –