The Oliver Complex: everyday life as a West End musical

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The Oliver Complex
The Oliver Complex: putting on the top hat…

Cinematographer extraordinaire Robin Whenary got in touch about Jerri Hart’s latest short, The Oliver Complex, a dark musical comedy short, about a rare mental disorder whereby the sufferer experiences everyday life as a West End musical.

“The shoot was challenging but fun. The script was great, and Jerri had a clear vision for the film,” Robin told D&CFilm.

“We shot in several location around Exeter, including the piazza at the centre of the university campus, where we staged the end of an extended dance sequence, involving quite a few dancers and extras. Tony Hill provided one of his cranes for that day, and helped operate it, so we were able to get some nice overhead shots.

“We also shot in the Blackmore Theatre in Exmouth, the Black Box studio at the Exeter Phoenix Centre, and various locations in Dawlish.

“The inherent theatricality of the subject meant we could play around with lots of hard, colourful theatrical-style lighting for much of it.

“Thomas Sutcliffe, the lead actor, hails from the West End and was great to work with, as was Felicity Butler, who as well as co-starring did the choreography.”

The Oliver Complex is currently in post-production, and will premiere at the 2012 Two Short Nights Film Festival at the Exeter Phoenix, in the autumn.

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