Cast and crew needed for by award-winning filmmakers in Devon film

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Landscape, short film
Landscape: ‘Either nothing is important, or everything is’

Three international award-winning filmmakers, David Salas (Uncomfortable), Ben Borley (Memories of Childhood) and Robin Whenary (Seeing) are making a film about the marks we make upon the earth, and the thought and feelings that lie underneath them, and they are in need of cast and crew.

The film, Landscape, is an exploration of the psychological landscape we take with us, into the blankness of wild spaces. Landscape is a story about art and the well-spring of creativity.

Ella is an internationally successful artist, commissioned to create a major new work. John is a carpenter, a walker and a chronically unsuccessful artist. Alone together on the moor, the two find a common ground in their approach and also a discord beneath it. An imbalance that threatens the surface of their relationship.

The production is shooting on July 14 -19 and needs to fill the following positions. (This is an expenses only project.)

Female Actor (25-35): To play an international successful artist (Ella) who is visiting Devon for the first time since early childhood.

Line Producer: To help organise and sort out the logistics of the shoot, including arranging filming permissions, checking insurance, transportation, catering, etc.

Sculptor or Production Designer: To create the artwork that will be featured in the film.

If you are interested, contact David Salas on 07527 449992 or