A bit of hush for the week’s top releases, please

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Silent Souls, movie
Silent Souls:

Silent Souls is about Miron and the death of his wife. When Tanya passes away, Miron asks his best friend, Aist, to help him say goodbye to his wife, according to the rituals of the Merya culture – don’t ask me, I had to Google it! Apparently, they were an ancient Finno-Ugric tribe from Lake Nero, in the centre-west of Russia.

Anyway, the two friends set out on a road trip which encompasses thousands of miles. Whilst on their journey, Miron shares his intimate memories, as is custom for the Meryas, but as the duo approach their destination and Miron prepares to part with his wife’s body, he comes to realise he wasn’t the only one in love with Tanya.



The Last Projectionist, movie
The Last Projectionist:

With projectionists in decline, The Last Projectionist charts the history of independent cinema in the UK and the important job projectionists have carried-out for over a century.

The film focuses upon The Electric in Birmingham, which is the oldest operating cinema in Britain today, but it also features a variety of the world’s most majestical cinemas. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when The Electric first opened its doors, it took five years to train a projectionist, but now it takes little less than an hour!

This should be a captivating look at independent cinemas and it’s being screened at The Barn in Dartington, on July 16.