Casting call for short film The Projectionist, to be made around Exeter

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Exeter Phoenix Digital

There’s a casting call for a short film called The Projectionist, which is being made with an Exeter Phoenix Digital Short Film Commission.

Director George Graham is looking for four male characters, with ages ranging from the early 20s to 60s.

The film tells the story of an elderly projectionist who is made redundant. The cinema is transferring to digital projection so he is no longer needed. A young man is hired to be his digital replacement whom the projectionist must train to use the box before he leaves. The conflict lies in the tension between the old and the new and the respect they must reach for one another as their surprising similarities unfold.

Shooting will take place in the Exeter area.

The cast that George is looking for, are:

Serry, male, age 60: Oliver Serry lives alone and since his wife passed away his only joy in life comes from his work as a projectionist. When he is made redundant, he must learn to accept the arrival of the new or suffer depressing isolation.

Andy, male, age 22: Andy lives with his father and has an aspiration for digital filmmaking: editing, stop-motion, making his own shorts. When he gets the job as the new digital projectionist at his local cinema he is overjoyed. However, his disapproving father and unwelcoming colleague stand in his way.

David, male, age 40: David is the manager of the cinema. After being offered a deal to switch to digital projection he must let his projectionist go to make way for the new technology. He is an unsympathetic but jokey boss.

Micheal, male age 48: Michael is Andy’s father. The pair live alone together. He feels that his son’s filmmaking should remain as a hobby and is uncomfortable with his career choice.

Email if you are interested in auditioning.