The Turin Horse, On The Sly and Prometheus: pick of the week’s movie releases

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The Turin Horse, movie
The Turin Horse: it hardly sounds a barrel of laughs…

The Turin Horse is a fictionalised story concerning a horse and the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Apparently, Nietzsche bared witness to a horse being whipped while travelling in Turin, Italy. The philosopher threw his arms around the animal’s neck to protect it, before tumbling to the ground. Béla Tarr’s film then, asks what happened to the horse? It hardly sounds like a barrel of laughs (unsurprisingly) and the trailer looks pretty sombre, but Tarr’s stark cinematography looks beautiful. Definitely not to be missed, if you’re a fan of Tarr’s work.



On The Sly, movie
On The Sly: a whimsical tale with a certain charm

On The Sly has something of a whimsical nature about it. A little girl feels ignored by her parents and so decides to go off on an adventure, on her own, in the nearby woods – ‘on the sly’. This French film won’t be for everyone, but I think the trailer has a certain charm, which is often missing from films aimed at both children and adults alike.



Prometheus, movie
Prometheus: ' what came first, the alien queen or the egg?'

And so the prequel to the Alien saga finally arrives. Hopefully the plethora of trailers won’t have spoiled the experience or revealed too much. What’s the betting the final shot is of an egg? But what came first, the alien queen or the egg?

I have remained sceptical throughout the media hoopla about Prometheus, largely because Ridley Scott is great at making absolute tosh – see Robin HoodBody of LiesA Good YearKingdom of Heaven and of course, the atrocity that is Black Hawk Down. Both Blade Runner and Alien deserve their accolades, but Scott has made far more rubbish than he’s credited for. But Prometheus does look spectacular. Despite my scepticism, each of the trailers have only built my anticipation, let’s just hope they haven’t ruined all the surprises…


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