Pre-adolescent romance short Status highlights the pains of childhood in the 21st century

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Status, movie
Status: Alan is no longer listed as in a relationship with Katy

The Devon duo behind Eight Limbs Two Head are putting their toe in Virgin Shorts territory with their online ‘pre-adolescent bittersweet romance about the pains of childhood in the 21st century’, and are looking for pennies to help with production.

The new movie, by Richard Standen and Dan Haslam – which can be no longer than 20 minutes 20 seconds to fulfil the Virgin Media Short criteria – is called Status and tells the story of Alan, an 11-year-old boy who has just found out via a social networking site he’s been dumped by his girlfriend [we’ve all been there, people!].

It follows a desperate moment when Alan and his brother go to see her one last time.

The film will draw from contemporary references such as Rocket Science, Rushmore and Hesher.

The region has had some success in the Virgin Media Shorts competitions with Andy Oxley and David Williams (currently working on the Exeter Blitz Documentary) getting to the final shortlist two years running.

Pop along to the films indiegogo site and support the movie – you can start with just $5.

Watch the short to whet your appetite to become a producer.