Cast and MCs/singers required for short film to be screened at international film festival

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Ez, in short film Booo
Booo tells the story of Ez, a 16-year-old aspiring grime artist

Filmmaker Kate Graham is shooting an independent short film in Devon with an Exeter Phoenix short film commission, and is need of a composer and a talented cast including MCs/singers.

The film, Booo, is a teen love story with a difference, and this bursary-awarded short film will premier at the Exeter Phoenix International Two Short Nights film festival.

The film is 8 Mile meets Fish Tank, with the stunning Exmoor landscape as a backdrop.

Booo tells the story of Ez, a 16-year-old aspiring grime artist, who’s inspired by Joe, a handsome local lad, to take part in an MCing competition. Yet, as the rest of Joe’s friends have always bullied Ez for living in a caravan, can she be sure Joe’s interest in her is genuine? Or when she gets to the competition, is Ez in for a heartbreaking surprise?

Shooting takes place during one week in August, in Devon.

Kate is looking for cast and a composer for the short, here are the roles:

Ez, a female aged between 15-20, is an aspiring MC/singer with a feisty attitude but fragile nature, who’s been bullied all her life. When Ez meets Joe, she finally gets the push she needs to show everyone just what she’s worth.

Whether you are an aspiring MC/singer who fancies being in a film, or an actress looking for an unusual role, get in touch. No acting experience required if you have the right look/attitude, just commitment.

Joe, male, 15-25, is a cheeky Devon lad who captures Ez’s heart, but whose intentions for her aren’t clear. He must make the choice between staying cool in front of his mates, and standing up for what he believes in. No acting experience required, just commitment.

Eva, a female, 45+, is Ez’s grandma, a wonderful woman who can see your whole future in your palm. She has just a small amount of screen time that makes a big impression.

The Two Bullies – male, 15-25 – are Joe’s best friends, and take great pleasure in making Ez’s life miserable. These are really fun roles to play. So whatever your acting ability, get in touch, whether you want to audition on your own or with a mate.

Singers/ MCs and girl and boy groups are needed for the film’s climactic scene, which takes place at a singing competition where singers and MC battle it out. Any singers / MCs / Girl or Boy Groups who fancy being in a film, and getting some publicity for your act, get in touch.

Also, a Grime Track is required for Ez’s main performance in the film. So any MCs / grime or hip hop artists/producers that have, or want to collaborate to create, something suitable, get in touch. The film will provide great exposure for your music.

For further information, or to register your interest in auditioning, email or find her on Facebook.