Romance and history – 3 top French film releases

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Angele-et-Tony, movie
Angele-et-Tony: romance by the seaside

Angele et Tony/Angele & Tony is about a beautiful young woman with a troubled past, who moves to a small fishing town in Normandy. There she meets Tony, a local fisherman who finds himself attracted to her, despite disliking her abrupt nature. Against his better judgement, Tony hires Angele as a fishmonger, rents a room to her and teaches her the tricks of his trade. The relationship between Tony and Angele is far from easy, but little by little, Tony and Angele fall in love. A romantic drama, but uniquely French.



Goodbye First Love, movie
Goodbye First Love: a tale of first love…

Un amour de jeunesse/Goodbye First Love is another French drama and it chronicles a teenager’s first heartbreak. At the age of 15, Camille is a very serious teenager, who falls intensely in love with the cheerful, but carefree, Sullivan – an older boy who has his sights set on backpacking around South America. When Sullivan leaves, Camille is devastated, but over the next eight years Camille will develop into a strong headed woman, with new interests and loves. However, when Sullivan re-enters her life, will she revert back to her defenceless 15-year-old self?


Monsieur Lazhar, movie
Monsieur Lazhar: coming to terms with painful history

Monsieur Lazhar is based upon the French play, Bachir Lazhar, by Evelyne De la Chenelière. It’s about an Algerian immigrant who is hired to replace an elementary school teacher, who recently died. While his new class comes to terms with its grieving, nobody is aware of their new teacher’s own painful history, nor that Bachir is at risk of deportation at any moment.

Out of these three French films, this is my favourite, the trailer displaying both sensitivity and humour – let’s hope it delivers!


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