Skip the Avengers – the movie top releases previewed

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Out this week is the awful-looking Avengers Assemble, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to see that, instead, I reckon either of these is a far better choice.

The Monk, movie
The Monk: Vincent Cassel is fill zeal as a friar in 17th century Madrid

Vincent Cassel is The Monk. A film set in 17th century Madrid. Cassel plays Ambrosio, an orphan who was abandoned on a monastery doorstep, and who was raised by the Capucin Friars.

Once grown, Ambrosio becomes a friar himself and displays a great zeal for preaching, with his sermons drawing massive crowds and earning him great admiration – for his extreme vigour and absolute virtue. But, Ambrosio foolishly believes he is safe from temptation, but is he?

Cassel has a great screen presence and this film about temptation, corruption and religion, looks to be well-directed, but it’s unlikely to find a big audience in cinemas – so if it’s on near you, go and see it.


Happy People - A Year in The Taiga, movie
Happy People - A Year in The Taiga: Werner Herzog's newest documentary about life in a hostile environment

My top pick of the week, goes to Happy People – A Year in The Taiga. This is the newest documentary from Werner Herzog and naturally he’s narrating.

It’s about 300 people living in a very remote village. They face some of the most hostile conditions on earth and inhabit the village of Bakhatia. There are only two ways to reach the small village and that’s either by helicopter or boat.

In this isolated wilderness, there are no phones, no running water and no medical aid. The people who live here, do so according to their own values and cultural traditions, which have remained unchanged for centuries.

In Happy People, Dmitry Vasyukov and Werner Herzog give us a glimpse at this curious village and its unique way of life. Who cares about the stupid Avengers, particularly when you’ve got a Werner Herzog film to watch. But if neither of these take your fancy, then why oh why don’t you get give Lockout a try… it’s awesome!

Happy People – Promo May 14, 2010 from Kay Mode on Vimeo.



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