Legends return to the cinema this week – Butch Cassidy and Joss Whedon

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Blackthorn, movie
Blackthorn: Sam Shepard stars in the retelling of the Butch Cassidy story

Blackthorn is the fictional retelling of the Butch Cassidy fable. This story asserts that Cassidy (played by Sam Shepard) wasn’t killed in a standoff with the Bolivian army in 1908, as is reported. Instead, Cassidy survived and escaped to quietly live out his days as James Blackthorn.

However, after years of living in exile, missing his home in the US and hoping to see his family one last time, before he dies, Cassidy decides to set off on the long and dangerous journey home. But when the elderly cowboy has a chance encounter with an ambitious young outlaw (Eduardo Noriega), his plans are derailed and he’s thrust into one last adventure, something he hasn’t experienced since his glory days with the Sundance Kid.


The Cabin in the Woods, movie
The Cabin in the Woods: nubile teens discover the truth about the titular building

Plot details and synopsis are relatively sparse on Whedon’s newest script The Cabin in The Woods. This is largely due to the films twisty nature, but here’s what to expect; a group of five teenage friends decide to take a break at a remote cabin in the far reaches of a wooded wilderness and would you believe it, terror quickly ensues!? Shock horror, right? Well, the band of nubile teens must work together to discover the truth behind the ‘cabin in the woods’ before they get ‘offed’, one by one. It doesn’t feature any real stars, although MARVEL’s Thor (Chris Hemsworth), is in it, but please don’t hold that against this intriguing horror film.