Ongoing US success for Devon writer and filmmaker

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Demon Huntsman: Wall Street Journal
The Demon Huntsman: the story from Devon-based filmmaker and writer is featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal about the series of radio plays its part of

It’s not often that Devon-based filmmakers bag top billing in the Wall Street Journal, but that’s exactly what horror aficionado Ashley Thorpe has done.

The writer and filmmaker was featured in the Wall Street Journal for his part in the Tales from Beyond the Pale, part of a series of ‘Radio Plays for a Digital Age’, which have been picking up momentum.

The paper describes the series, including Ashley’s episode – The Demon Huntsman – as evoking a range of vintage sources, from pulpy science-fiction to the vivid horror of EC Comics.

Ashley’s The Demon Huntsman was inspired by a Dartmoor myth set around Buckfastleigh.

The Demon Huntsman
The Demon Huntsman, part of the must haves, according to Entertainment Weekly

The CD and iTunes release of The Devon Huntsman boxed set of radio plays reached number 8 in the Must Have’s of Entertainment Weekly, and reflects the enduring appeal of the atmospheric horror that Ashley specialises in.

Pop along to the Tales from Beyond the Pale site to pick up your copies and to find out more about the radio plays and The Demon Huntsman.