What will get you out to the cinema this week? Latest releases previewed

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This weekend sees the return of cinema’s greatest inconsistent director. Yes that’s correct, following the terrible You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, Woody Allen is back with Midnight in Paris.

It’s the story of Gil, a screenwriter who’s struggling to write, who takes a trip to Paris with his fiancée and her parents and whilst out wandering one night, Gil is transported to 1920s France, where he is inspired by his literary idols and Marion Cotillard.

Aside from its similarities to Nicholas Lyndhurst’s Good Night Sweetheart, all of the reviews for this have been good. While it won’t be as enjoyable as Annie Hall or Manhattan it will certainly be more entertaining than Johnny English Reborn, just don’t go expecting a cameo from Nicholas Lyndhurst…

American horror film, Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark, is getting an honourable mention purely because of its producer (Guillermo del Toro). The trailer sparks moments of interest, but honestly, it looks to be a ‘by the numbers’ haunted house film. Its scares look predictable and it features an unusually wooden Guy Pierce and a typically useless Katie Holmes. It’s probably not worth rushing to the cinema for, but maybe give it a watch on DVD, if you’re a fan of Guillermo.

Tyrannosaur is without a doubt my pick of the week. It’s the directorial debut from one of Britain’s leading contemporary actors, Paddy Considine. It stars Olivia Colman, Peter Mullan and Eddie Marsan.

Tyrannosaur appears to be in a similar vein to Gary Oldman’s Nil By Mouth. It’s a film about redemption, but mainly violence and its effects, whether it’s irrupting from the mesmerising Peter Mullan or in sequences of domestic abuse, with Eddie Marsan looking terrifying as the abusive husband, to Olivia’s Hannah.

I think the cinematography looks particularly striking, but the influence draping over Considine’s debut is obviously his friend and frequent collaborator, Shane Meadows. The film’s setting is very much in their Midlands. In a week where The Lion King is re-released in 3D and over the hill comedians star in brainless comedies, this is a genuine ray of sunshine, despite its grim subject matter.

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