Cast needed for short film to be shot on Dartmoor

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Oddbodies, the creative team behind the award-winning Mrs Lustleigh’s Fancies are looking to cast four female parts for their next short film The Nature of Angrove (shooting the first week in July at their base on the edge of Dartmoor).

The film will follow Angrove Laxeter, a shy and unassuming 30 year old, lives at home with his widowed and domineering mother Ashleen. Living in an ‘upper middle class’ suburb, Angrove works as an accountant, and in his spare time practices magic tricks.

Afraid her son will never marry, Ashleen signs him up to the dating agency Nature of Love. Roger Ranthorn, the oily proprietor, takes a personal interest in all his clients and views Angrove as a particular challenge.

A series of ‘dates’ ensue, held at the Laxeter’s home and overseen by Ashleen. Angrove endures these mis-matches, coming alive only when performing his wholly unappreciated (and occasionally inappropriate) magic tricks.

Finally, after a succession of candidates (approved by Ashleen yet clearly unsuited to Angrove), Cherry the maid reveals her hitherto suppressed feelings. Angrove has finally met his love match. Ashleen however, is less than happy with his choice and tries to snuff out this romance before it has begun.

Emboldened by his feelings for Cherry, Angrove decides to take matters into his own hands, with extraordinary and magical results…

The team is looking for four actresses age range 18-30 to play:

Cherry, the maid – a quiet and unassuming air hides a passionate and strong nature
Clarrisa Hunt – sullen and rather haughty
Conny Laurant – snobbish and rather spiteful
Cristabel Pocket – boistrous, sporty and overbearing

Contact the either by email at, or phone 01822 820553 mob 07973 162087