Attack The Block starring Crediton’s Luke Treadaway wows American critics

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Attack The Block, directed by Joe Cornish and starring Crediton’s Luke Treadaway, wowed American critics at the South by Southwest festival in Texas on Saturday night.

Described by Cornish as a kind of ‘Super 8 Mile’, the movie follows a group of unlikely hoodie heroes as they chin a buncha nasty ETs in South London. Ya gettin meh, blud.

Treadaway, who plays a stoned yuppie with delusions of street cred, went to Sandford School and Crediton’s Queen Elizabeth’s Community College.

Quint from Ain’t It Cool News called the flick ‘awesome’ and said ‘Attack the Block marks the debut of a filmmaker we’ll becoming more and more desperate to see new material from’.

Nordling, from the same website, said it was ‘the film of the fest so far’, adding that it’s ‘genuinely scary and thrilling’, and ‘would fit right in with any giant summer release and pound for pound I’d bet it delivers more thrills than any of them’.

Meanwhile the Moviefone blog reckoned ‘the general kick-assery of the movie overpowers any sort of language barrier – see this one when you can’.

All good news for the American execs who were reportedly so worried about the ‘foreign’ British slang they were talking of adding subtitles or even remaking the thing entirely with an American cast.

Oddly, the Brit critics have been slightly less effusive, with The Guardian calling Attack The Block ‘a touch disappointing’, and saying it ‘fizzes and sparks, but sputters too much to really catch light’.

Either way, we’ll be able to judge for ourselves when the film opens on May 13. In the meantime, here’s the trailer. Brrrrrrap!