Winner of £5,000 Govyn Kernewek Award announced

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The winner of the 2011 Govyn Kernewek Award– annual £5,000 commission for a short film that uses the Cornish language in an interesting way – is Will Coleman, a veteran of Kneehigh theatre, a Cornish bagpipe player and a ‘brave story teller’.

His proposal was selected for the exciting and relevant use of Kernewek and potential for the film to be extremely entertaining, informative and a lot of fun.

In response to the suggested title of this year’s Govyn Kernewek competition ‘Dowr Tamar yw, nyns yw an Amazon a-barth Duw!’ (‘It’s the Tamar, not the Amazon for heaven’s sake!’), Will said: “David Cameron may think it’s only the Tamar but we’re going to produce an explosive response celebrating over a thousand years of iconic Cornish representations of our mighty river barrier…”

Cornwall Film Festival and MAGA, the Cornish Language Partnership, created the award in 2003 to promote the use of Kernewek in Cornish filmmaking and make sure there would be an eligible Cornish entry for the Celtic Media Festival each year.

The award is supported by MAGA and local media production social enterprise awen productions cic. Executive Producer Denzil Monk told D&CFilm: “The Govyn Kernewek Award has proved to be a highly effective means of raising awareness and growing the use of our Cornish language and provides a rare opportunity for Cornish filmmakers to make a funded short film with guaranteed exhibition. You can support the continued sustainability of the Govyn Kernewek Award by buying Tyskennow Kernow dvds from”

Previous winners of the Govyn Kernewek Award have include a Cornish Kung-fu caper – Kernow’s Kick-Ass Kung-Fu Kweens by Carl Grose, a dalliance with the Devil with cameo appearance from Philip Schofield – An Jowl Yn Agas Kegin (The Devil In Your Kitchen) by Brett Harvey and the first ever Cornish-language musical, Ian Bucknole’s Skynt an Illowek.

Will’s film will be premiered at the 2011 Cornwall Film Festival which takes place from Friday to Sunday November 4-6.