Exeter filmmaker lets imagination run wild with Dartmoor-inspired radio play

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Award-winning Exeter filmmaker Ashley Thorpe – who picked up the Buried Alive! Visionary Award in Atlanta USA – has hit the airwaves with his horror radio play The Demon Huntsman, based on Dartmoor myths, written for Glass Eye Pix’s Tales From Beyond the Pale radio dramas.

The radio play, which can be downloaded now, was initially set to be part of the planned feature Hell Tor, along with his 2009 award-winning flick The Hairy Hounds, to be made by Ashley’s production company Carrion Film. That was before the story was adapted into a radio drama.

It was a move that opened up opportunities to the animator. He says in the FearNet article, “I realised that my imagination was no longer limited by budgetary constraints, era or location, that voices – that untapped palette of colours, so long consigned to be just whispers – could now be heard.”

It turned out to be the most Hammeresque thing he’d done and is drenched in Devon mythology.

Ashley told Lee Rawlings on Phonic FM: “I would also say that it’s somewhat a hint of things to come. Though I’ll never shy too far from that visual, ‘painterly’ sensibility, I’m simultaneously fascinated by narration and its tonal qualities too, so the radio play has been a fascinating and enlightening project to have participated in.”

Download Ashley’s radio play The Demon Huntsman on The Tales From Beyond the Pale site.