Climb your way to the top on the free, online game 56 Sage Street (sponsored post)

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Here’s a scenario familiar to every budding filmmaker: how do you get enough cash together to bankroll your next feature? Or, according to the blurb of the new free online game 56 Sage Street from Barclays, ‘how does someone with nothing, end up with everything’?

In the game, you play out the rags-to-riches story in your own right, and learn all those life lessons that will strike a chord with any audience, until you eventually triumph over all the adversity. 56 Sage Street has you roaming the city meeting new challenges and picking up contacts on your way to the top.

And just how you pick up that work, keep yourself looking spick and span and find somewhere to stay a night is all part and parcel of that journey through the mean streets.

As online gaming goes, it’s pretty addictive with such conundrums as how do you stay presentable for a day’s work if you’ve been up all night (that creased look of a night’s editing notwithstanding).

The aim, of course, is the reach the top, and along the way you complete tasks for Mr C as you prove to him you can run his empire (how many would be film execs have had that carrot dangled in front of them?)

Any filmmaker worth their salt has spent a some time in a kitchen, washing, or more frustratingly cooking, to pick up pennies on their way to the top, and you can play out the same on 56 Sage Street.

Pop along to the 56 Sage Street site to see if you’re up to the challenge.

And if you need anymore convincing take a gander at the trailer:

56 Sage Street

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