John Tomkins: A Creative Journey – trailer released

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John Tomkins documentary by Darren Jones

The much-antipated documentary by Darren Jones which follows Torbay filmmaker John Tomkins as he made his feature Like An Angel has appeared in trailer form.

The documentary, called John Tomkins: A Creative Journey, tells of the story of John as he battle the obstacles to filmmaking, including his reaction to a devasting fire which destroyed his flat.

True to his creative impulses, John continued with the film, and the premiere of Like An Angel taking place at the Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey, Torquay on Thursday, May 28.

The documentary, a story about love, determination and amateur filmmaking, charts John’s journey as he  ‘struggles to make an action adventure time travel movie as a gift of unrequited love for a struggling actress’. Here’s the trailer:

John Tomkins : A Creative Journey Trailer from Redmunkey Films on Vimeo.


  1. UHF says

    Having watched Like an Angel, I say three cheers for sheer spunk! An interesting documentary, can’t wait to see it.