Solomon Kane: dramatic finale filmed in North Devon

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the demon-fighting movie

Solomon Kane, the swash-buckling, demon killing, big-hat toting redemption flick, directed by Michael J Bassett and staring James Purefoy, features Stoke, near Hartland North Devon as the setting for two scenes, including the film’s ‘dramatic’ finale. Not surprising, really, the eponymous hero is a Devon-lad, after all.

The story is based on the Solomon Kane character created by the pulp-era writer Robert E Howard in 1928.

But this is “not the same Solomon Kane who would receive the Staff of Solomon and travel the world hunting vampires and eldritch terrors: that’s his distant older cousin, whose family live on the opposite coastline. One’s from the North Devon Coast, the other the South (or Jurassic),” according to The Cimmerian.

Either way, the Puritan Kane rightly deserves a place on the D+CFilm pages. But what of the North Devon setting?

“We chose the area because of the absolutely stunning coastline,” said the film’s co-producer, Kevan Van Thompson.

“The whole story is set in the South West and we thought that Devon would be a great place to film it. Any famous names would be glad to come here to film — it is just such a beautiful area.”

Solomon Kane is being touted as the first of a trilogy, so who knows, Devon again could be visited by hoards of the undead, Kane-style.