Emily Wardill’s film Game Keeper Without Game is at the Spacex. Here are some of her film influences – what are yours?

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Emily Wardill’s feature-length film Game Keeper Without Game is premiered at the Spacex, Exeter. The film tells the story depicting a child banished from the family home at an early age, but as an arts film it’s not your run of the mill gritty realism of ‘tackling difficult social issues without compromise’.

Emily put together a list of her influences for the March issue of freize. Here’s a brief rundown

Darwin’s Nightmare (2004), by Hubert Sauper

Lola (1981) and Die Dritte Generation (The Third Generation, 1979)  by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Quasi at the Quackadero (1976) by Sally Cruikshank

Greaser’s Palace (1972) by Robert Downey Sr

Edvard Munch (1974) by Peter Watkins

Scenes from a Marriage (1973), Ingmar Bergman’s TV drama

That’s Entertainment… (The Conjuror’s Assistant) (1979) by Jeanette Iljon’s

Associations (1975) by John Smith

Upside Down Feature (1967–72) and Close Up (1983) by Peter Gidal

The Red Tapes (1976) by Vito Acconci

With honourable mentions of Pedro Costa and Vlado Kristl.

Pop along to the Spacex and see how influences feed into her work.

• What influences you or what are your favourite films? Comments below, please.


  1. says

    Will have to check this exhibition out! Nice to see Peter Watkins up on the list! Edvard Munch is really interesting. Big fan of ‘Punishment Park’ of course.

    Here are a few of mine… David Cronenberg ‘Dead Ringers’, David Lynch ‘Inland Empire’, Sydney Lumet ‘Network’, Lars Von Trier ‘The Idiots’, Alain Resnais ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’, Werner Herzog ‘Even Dwarfs Started Small’, John Cassavetes ‘A Woman Under the Influence’