Targeted and transparent – text ads on D+CFilm with Addiply

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The key to a site like D+CFilm is relevance – to both our readers and our advertisers – that’s why we use the Addiply text advertising service. In just three clicks you can promote your event, course, service, or yourself, to our targeted readership.

Advertising is just another strand of the host of services we provide, most of which are free. Got a job in the industry to promote? We have a free jobs page. If you want cast, crew or advice, join our D+CFilm social network to be part of the filmmaking community in Devon and Cornwall.

The transparent and easy-to-use Addiply system means that we can build on that community, and you can get a text ad on the only site that covers the world of film in Devon and Cornwall – what we reckon is one of the hottest scenes around.

The ads are set up at the affordable 1p per click, so £10 would see 1,000 visit your site from D+CFilm. Sign up, and start promoting yourself.

Or we can offer time-based or view-based ads, too. Just drop us a line – email

• D+CFilm is part of the not-for-profit media social enterprise News and Media Republic, and for more advertising options, visit the website.