EAST short films to feature in Spacex’s Summer Screen programme

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Short fims from the EAST video programme are to be shown at the Spacex, Exeter, this summer.

Expect to see:

Patricia Esquivias – Sped up Dawn
Andrea Buettner – Little Works
Angela Bartram – Licking Dogs
Olaf Brzeski – In memory of Major Jozef Moneta
Laure Prouvost – OWT
Gernot Wieland – Eine Reise nach Wales (A Trip to Wales)
Ursula Mayer – Interiors
Grace Schwindt – The Chair
Elizabeth McAlpine – LIGHT READING Cinematic Explosions
Kate Corder – Tolhurst vegan organic vegetables
David Jacques – Por Convencion Ferrer

The Spacex Summer Screen programme runs from August 22 to September 5.

posted by Cptn

(image: Urusla Mayer’s interiors)