Check out Alive In Joburg from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp

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If this video doesn’t inspire you to pick up your camera and get shooting, we dunno what will.

It’s called Alive In Joburg, it’s directed by Neill Blomkamp, and has recently been expanded into a feature film – the Peter Jackson-produced District 9, which is released in the UK on September 4.

Released in 2005, the six-minute faux-documentary charts the struggles of social interaction between aliens and inhabitants of Johannesburg (‘Joburg’), South Africa.

And very good it is, too. Apparently, Blomkamp created the sfx on his own in under two weeks – pretty staggering considering the low budget.

So, District 9 should be great – and the best news is, it’s been rated R for ‘bloody violence and pervasive language’. Hooray!

As Peter Jackson told Empire magazine: ‘We went in aiming to be nice and graphic with the blood and guts. There were no constraints; it gets pretty crazy.’

Hey Peter, you had us at ‘blood and guts’…

Let us know what you think of Alive In Joburg – comments below, please. Then check out the trailer for District 9 on the rather excellent D-9 website.