D+CFilm gets ready for ‘No Megan Fox Day’

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Megan Fox: Steady boys, she's taken, etc
Megan Fox: Steady boys, she's taken, etc

D+CFilm’s online onanists (you know who you are) will be aghast to discover that August 4 has been designated ‘No Megan Fox Day’ by men’s websites in fear of over-exposing the actress. Yes, you’re right – we do need to bring back National Service.

Apparently a buncha blokey bloggers and online magazines have decided to impose a ban on covering the Transformers ‘star’ for a 24-hour period.

Those participating in the Fox ban include AskMen, Gatecrasher and Asylum. No, us neither.

According to The New York Daily News, AskMen.com’s editor-in-chief James Bassil ‘explained’: “You can have too much of a good thing.

“We’re joining in the media blackout and giving our readers a one-day reprieve from the woman we’ve been drowning in all summer.”

We assume that when Bassil (you put Bassil in the ratatouille?!) says ‘drowning in’ he really means ‘snoring through’.

And when we say ‘snoring through’, we mean ‘Transformers 2 is bobbins and Megan Fox is a bit rubbish’. Glad that’s cleared that up.


  1. Greg says

    EWWW look at her skin barff they need more like a year without Megan Fox she seriously is like a stain that you just cant get rid of