Tim Burton thinks Alice In Wonderland might be ‘too weird’ for kids

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We were gonna dig out the latest trailer for Alice In Wonderland for you – what with bits of it being shot at Antony House in Torpoint and all – but this is far more interesting.

It’s director Tim Burton talking about the movie, saying it’s “a bit of an experiment” and that he hopes that it’s not too weird for kids.

Well, yes, it does looks fabulous (in every sense of the word) but does anyone else wish Burton would actually get weirder? After all, it’s not like he hasn’t earned the right after all these years.

It’s just that all this Alice In Wonderland stuff looks sooo familiar. Why isn’t Burton creating new fairytales, rather than essaying old ones?

In the last 10 years he’s brought us the derivative likes of Sleepy Hollow, Planet Of The Apes, Big Fish, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and now Alice.

In the 10 years before that we had Mars Attacks!, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Beetle Juice, and the two Batmans. Not all classics, but they had Burton’s personality stamped all over them.

It can’t be just us thinking that something’s gone awry. And don’t get us started on Johnny Depp – funny wigs do not an acting career make!

Anyway, we’re sure you’ve got plenty to add. Post your opinions below, please.


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    Via Twitter:

    @Atticboho Try reading Alice In Wonderland as an adult. It’s darker, more absurd, then you would think. I just love Lewis Carroll.