Cornwall Film Festival 2009 to be held at the Falmouth Phoenix

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This year’s Cornwall Film Festival will be held at Falmouth’s new state-of-the-art cinema, The Phoenix, rather than spread across several venues as in previous years.

A festival spokie frothed: “With the audience numbers increasing by more than five times since its inception in 2002 and the number of film submissions rising yearly, it has been necessary to find a new venue able to accommodate the growing festival.

“It is an exciting prospect for the festival to be held in a real cinema and is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent in the local film industry on the big screen.”

A ‘real cinema’, eh? Truro’s Plaza, which has been involved with the festival in the past, might have something to say about that. And what constitutes a ‘real cinema’, anyway?

We do agree that the Phoenix is pimped-up to the max, though. It boasts two traditional auditoriums, where the main screenings will be held, and three screens with leather armchairs and sofas, which will host a bunch of networking events, discussions and lectures, professional development workshops and special screenings. Quelle decadent.

The Cornwall Film Festival 2009 will take place from November 12-15. For details, check out (surprise!) the Cornwall Film Festival website.

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