Something for the Weekend Music Video: Obedientbone by Darren Jones and Ashley Wing

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This week’s Something For the Weekend music video for Obedientbone draws on a bit of history and brings us right up to date.

The video was made by Darren Jones, who’s currently finishing his documentary of Bay filmmaker John Tomkins, with Ashley Wing, who has just finished filming Robbing Peter short with Clayton Fussell, and is being interview today (June 13) at the Grand Hotel, Torquay, for the forthcoming D+CFilm Show.

And over on the People’s Republic of South Devon, we’d been working with Obedientbone for the Melting Pot Studio Sessions.

Another of Melting Pot Studio Session bands, NUMB, also went on to have a video made by someone who will feature in the next D+CFilm Show, but that’s for another week.

posted by Cptn