Community animation project set for East Devon

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Graphic artist and music theatre writer Daniel Loveday is set to team up with a troupe of animators and the Tale Valley Community Theatre in East Devon to create a 15-minute film combining animation, live action and an original score.

The idea is for the film to be made up of pieces produced by people who have picked up animation through workshops, which are then supplemented by follow-up work at home. And by using the animation freeware Blender, it’s hope that people can share their animation projects

“If a team of people do some animation work it becomes a community animation instead of the work of isolated individuals,” says the Tale Valley Community Theatre website.

Ideas already mooted include an evolution and shapes/imaginary animals.

“The strength of this idea is that it doesn’t have to be brilliant animation and all the ‘community’ animators get to create and animate something to feed into the sum total. Man could be represented as a live action dance, and his accomplishments ie cities and space exploration as animation,” says the theatre website.

Exeter film company Phototropic will provide the live action.

posted by Cptn