Cast and make-up artist needed for forthcoming Wing and Fussell film

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Ashley Wing and Clayton Fussell have put out a call for cast and a make-up artist for their next project.

The film, Robbing Peter, is a short, dark comedy exploring the relationship between a mother and her wayward son.

There are two cast calls for the film, to fill four roles, on Saturday, April 25 in London, and Sunday, May 3 in Exeter.

If you are interested in applying for the roles at either of the casting sessions, send your photo and CV, or link to online profile and showreel, stating which session you’re interested in attending to

It’s the same address for the make-up artists.

Here’s a list the roles:

Matthew: 17-22, Around 6 feet tall, skinny. Bit of a lad. Tries to act tough but at heart is a mummy’s boy. Matthew goes on an emotional rollercoaster through the course of the film so the ability to naturalistically convey these extremes is essential.

Susan: Late 40s early 50s. No more than 5′ 5″. She is a typical protective mum with a wayward kid. Having only had one child and having that later in life has made her very protective of her son, and she has let him get away with too much through her desire to please him. At the same time she is very feisty and determined. The key to this role will be portraying both Susan’s strength as a mother but also her vulnerability as a woman in a life and death situation.

Peter: late 30s – 40s, very tall lumbering figure. Could be a gardener or manual labourer. Could quite of easily have turned out to be a lovable giant but has instead turned out to be a psychopathic maniac. Peter is the villain of the piece and needs to be able to portray both an innocent disregard for the morality of his actions as well as being intensely intimidating.

Tony: 50s. Tony is the father who bursts in at the end and draws the film to its conclusion. Like Susan he came to fatherhood relatively late and is the typical doting father and devoted husband. Comic timing is essential to this role along with the ability to portray the characters complete ignorance to what has just gone on. While dramatically the character has huge significance to the film, this is a relatively small part and may be more appealing to a South West-based actor.

• Robbing Peter will be filmed on the weekend May 16 and 17 in Devon, for more

For more details visit the Robbing Peter site, or email