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While we eagerly await the release of Ashley Wing’s OMG, we thought we’d give you a New Year’s treat by easing you in to to 2009 with his Poppies.

This year is after all the year Ashley is going to push for the funding for his first feature and full time employment in the film industry.

Poppies, based on a poem by his father in law, Stephen J Fry, is the second of Ashley’s Second War War trilogy (the first being Between the Lines). Not only was the film selected for the D+CFilm Open Screening for the Two Short Nights film festival, but it was also included in the View From Here film festival.

We’ve also been promised a Leicester Square premiere to Fracture, another of Ashley’s shorts, this one being a sci-fi extraviganza – or so we’re told.

We’re predicting a great year for Devon and Cornwall film in 2009.

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