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Jack White and Alicia Keys’ new Bond theme is a stinker, isn’t it?
God, where to start? The over-crowded orchestration? The hollered vocals? The dodgy lyrics (”Suit ‘em up, bang bang!”, indeed)? Tis a veritable dog’s dinner.

Let’s been honest, if your effort is overshadowed by previous tunes by A-ha and Sheena Easton, you’ve got to be worried, haven’t you?

Don’t get us wrong – initially we had high hopes. We acknowledge that the second Raconteurs album is a bit of a dud and that there hasn’t been a truly great Bond theme since 1987 (the aforementioned A-ha’s Living Daylights) but we kinda trusted that White would pull something outta the bag. After all, this is the fella who wrote Elephant.

We guess it all went to seed once he hooked up with that model. Heck, we wouldn’t get any work done either if Mrs D+C looked like Karen Elson.

Anyhoo, we’re sure you’ve heard Another Way To Die by now (that title’s godda be some sort of wry Jack White comment on the Bond series) but here are a few links if you haven’t.

Try this, this, or even this. Hey, perhaps it’ll all make sense when it accompanies a Quantum Of Solace knotted-rope-in-the-plums torture sequence or sumfink.

Why not take up some valuable bandwidth and tell us what you think?

FYI: Our karaoke Bond theme of choice is From Russia With Love. Except our version isn’t so much Matt Munro as Matt Bianco…

Posted by Thin White Duke

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