War games

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Last week, we flagged up gritty D-Day yarn Between The Lines (click here to read the article and watch the trailer) and asked readers to send in their reviews of the film.

We were possibly a bit dismissive at the time (saying the flick’s tagline ‘We forgive but we do not forget’ sounded ‘a bit like a dodgy Sun headline’), so you can imagine how pleased we were to receive this glowing review in our inbox apparently proving us wrong.

‘I viewed this a while back at the Pheonix Centre along with a collection of other shorts. Not usually a big fan of films like this, but I have to say I left the screening very impressed.

‘The cinematography displays real talent and passion that lays behind the camera. For a film I would usually dismiss to make me feel this way is a real achievement, it’s rare for a film to capture outside it’s target audience but this did just that.

‘What more can I say? Bravo.’

Wow, what an overwhelmingly positive review. Unfortunately, because it was sent in by Between The Lines’ director Ashley Wing, readers should probably take it with the proverbial pinch of salt.

Still, the email certainly displays the ‘passion that lays behind the camera’, and, as such, D+CFilm offers Wing our wholehearted respect. He’s got the kinda success-at-all-costs attitude notable by its absence in most of the region’s mild-mannered filmmakers. Bravo Ashley!

Posted by Thin White Duke